Every now and then I teach workshops for wedding photographers. The video below was created to help photographers grow thier own business how they can impact clients. 

Gene, we cannot thank you enough for your guidance, expertise, and sheer passion during our special day in Cancun, Mexico. You are a master of your craft and everyone was unbelievably impressed with your skills, vision, and creativity. Amanda and I loved how your infectious personality matched your photographic style. You captured every moment. Not only were we 100% satisfied with your service, but we also feel that we made lifetime friends. Whenever you need a referral, please do not hesitate to reach out to us. We would love to express our "Gene Higa Story" to any bride and groom. It was a pleasure working with you and we hope to catch up again soon! Thank you!!

Sean & Amanda

Gene! Gene! Gene!
As you know, I've had many experiences with photographers, but none of them compared to the experience you gave Javier and I. Your light, playful personality, and fantastic attitude kept the photo-shoot for our engagement pictures SO fun. You know all the angles and found amazing shots that the average person wouldn't see. Best of all the finished photos were so awesome! Your passion for this craft is obvious and makes you an absolute joy to work with.


Javier & Marisol

     When I heard that I was going to be the Father of the Bride, I planned on being part of the wedding plans, forget it. The ladies of the family took over completely. I was harmonious to the wedding plans as a black tuxedo is to a brown pair of shoes. :) But that being said, I was probably more invested emotionally than anyone else. This is my little girl. I was concerned about the professionalism of the person that will chronicle that precious day with lasting photographs. To be a great photographer I feel that they must truly love what they do; become part of the celebration; and be able to capture the soul of the individual rather than just capture an image. Gene, as the photographer at my daughter’s wedding you did just that. You have provided us with memories that will last forever. The shots were creative and captured my daughter’s emotions,  expressions, joy, and humor. Gene, you are the whole package. If  anyone ever request a event photographer, I will refer them to you and assure them of complete satisfaction. 

Bob (Father of the Bride)


There are absolutely no words to express my gratitude. The pictures are ABSOLUTELY AMAZING!!! I am actually speechless. Not only did you capture the beauty of the venue and our guests, but you were able to capture the feelings of the entire day. These pictures capture all the things I had missed that day!!! In my head, I remember the day being absolutely perfect but I always thought it was just because it was our wedding day. But, your photos reinforce the whole day and will always remind me of how perfect that day was forever. I am not expressing everything I want to express because I am in shock and awe. I cannot THANK YOU enough. You have no idea how much these mean to me. This is just all too wonderful for me. You just made my entire month - possibly year!!!

Candice & Peter


We had a blast!  Just got back 2 weeks ago. Trying to get back to reality!
You seriously made our wedding day so special. We couldn't have picked a better photographer/great person to capture our wedding. Since JB  - hates being photographed - you really worked well with  him and calmed him down. Thanks for working with us. Words cannot express how we grateful and blessed that we had you - you are GENE HIGA - one of the top photographers IN THE WORLD.  Thank you, Thank you, Thank you. We really budgeted our wedding to have you there. Photography was really important to me, and I knew I had to have you there. You really captured us in our most real moments and what is better than that?

Nicole & JB

We couldn’t ask for anything more from a wedding photographer. This journey with you as our photographer, has created a relationship that goes way beyond a professional one, now.  Gene, you have a special quality that not many wedding photographers have. The ability to bring comfort, laughter and most importantly joy not only to us but the entire bridal party and our guests. You are quick, smart and understand what we wanted and didn’t want encapsulated on their wedding day. It goes without saying, but Teresa and I are 100% without a doubt extremely happy that were our photographer. We didn't want any other Joe-shmoe to take lifeless photos of the most important day of your lives. We wanted to be able to vividly relive our wedding day like it was just yesterday. Gene you are the man! Thank you!

JR & Teresa